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Informations about the portrait

The portrait is made really similar to the model, but it´s impossible to make it look exactly like the photo. It also might look a bit older, because of the used materials.
I am explicitly pointing out that the portrait is a piece of art and shows my way of looking at a person.

To accomplish the highest possible amount of similarity it is really important to have good photos.
That´s why I´m only taking a job, when the pictures match the following conditons:

• Coloured view from four sides (One front, back and two side pictures),
• If you´re wearing glasses all pictures without glasses plus one front picture with glasses,
• Same facial expression on every picture,
• Neutral background,
• No lower or upper view of face or sides,
• When taking close pictures please go a little further away and use your camera´s zoom!

Examples for good photos:

The portraits are always modeled in the clothes they are wearing on the pictures. If the person is wearing glasses, they will be soldered of wire.

Sending the data:
Please do not comprimate the pictures to send the data! If your mail account can´t manage the huge amounts of data send the pictures in seperate mails.

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